Reminiscing my Reiki awareness


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(May 18, 2016) DUBAI- The accumulated problems, worries, anxieties, fears, anger, unemployment, loneliness, isolation, destitution, deprivation, deprivation, desperation, -name all the negative description in the world and it fitted me during that time. But that lead me to my deep and personal awareness. That was the time Reiki and I met.

Eleven years ago. I became an  Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW). It was my first time to work abroad and got separated from my family and friends. The job offer came as a surprise to me; unimagined and unexpected .The thrill of  a first airplane ride, the island style of living in one of the countries in the Pacific, and  earning dollars  all made me excited. My marriage was chaotic and totally damaged. I have three children and at a loss.

But just like in the case of most OFWs, the beginners’ luck was elusive. The most common dilemma that workers face is being overworked and underpaid, breach of contract,sexual harassment, and racial discrimination.

To sum it up, my career, love life, family bond , personal well-being, financial status, and spirituality were all at the lowest level.  I remember meeting up the parish priest because of fear that my hatred would eat me up and rot my soul. The conversation with the priest was comforting .Yet, in me, I knew that something was still lacking.

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I have heard of Reiki some few months back then. I got hold of a book being printed in the company where I worked and saw advertisements in the newspaper.  Verily, on the time that my hands laid on the book, I felt the calling and the connection.

And just in time, a Reiki class was on the way. I spoke with the Reiki Master, a young, American guy, Peace Corps volunteer, and  botanist.

What is Reiki and why did I get attracted to it? All I knew and  understood from what I read was energy-healing by unblocking all the negativities and that was I desperately needed the most. “I must have it now,” I told myself. And so I looked forward to that day.

I hardly remember now how many of us took the class. By the way, it is called “attunement” or initiation to healing energy and only Reiki masters can conduct the process of spiritual reconnection.


Taken during a complimentary Reiki session for multiple sclerosis /cancer patients and survivors in Dubai on April 2016.          (Photo by Virgilio Lichauco)

What did I learn from this? -That we live in this energy-filled Universe and  so is our body; that a clash between negative and positive energies causes our mind , body, and soul to degenerate, decays and  decompose. Mental, emotional and spiritual breakdown leads to the manifestation of physical illnesses.

As these negative blocks and baggage raise its level, we become sick, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically and even financially.

Those were the basis of my fears. I was scared that eventually, because of hating my situation and some people around me, I would end up a loser.


What did I experience during Reiki? At first, it was getting to know each other among participants from different cultural background. Then sharing of some deep-seated reasons why we were there.

I can hardly recall now, in sequence, the attunement but I can still remember clearly my personal experience. As I closed my eyes to meditate while seating on a chair, I  found myself staring at a beautiful waterfall, saw a masculine figure standing in the middle with whom I felt a strong emotional attachment though his face is unrecognizable, hearing birds chirping, and looking with amazement at the beauty of trees and flowers. I felt cold air surrounded my legs and swirled upwards while I was sitting up straight.

During the second part of the session in the afternoon, not sure if it was attunement or a healing session for us, but it was during that part when something dramatic happened to me. Far from the ordinary happenings in the morning, I was stretched out on the mat, unconscious of what was happening around but I know it was very calm. Then I started to sweat profusely. Bean-sized sweats came out of my face and arms and my stomach ached terribly. I wanted to vomit but nothing comes out of my mouth. I believe it was not something or anything but an inclination that it was the rage inside me fighting with itself, trying to stay inside me but defeated by the force extracting out its roots.

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Bean-sized sweats came out of my face and arms and my stomach ached terribly. I wanted to vomit but nothing comes out of my mouth. I believe it was not something or anything but an inclination that it was the rage inside me fighting with itself, trying to stay inside me but defeated by the force extracting out its roots.

In a few minutes, I was back in my senses, tranquil and light-hearted. My Reiki master told me that this was a new experience for him too. He shared to us that each and every Reiki experience is unique to each individual


With co-Reiki practitioner.        (Photo by Virgilio Lichauco)

This I have proven in my Reiki sessions to my family, friends, colleagues and even strangers. Hearing their experiences amaze me all the time and a wonderful learning too. However, one should not expect any dramatic reaction. This is  not the essence of Reiki but the attainment of our highest good , (something that we all pray or wish for –what is best for us. His will be done.). And remember that, Reiki practitioners do not claim to be healers, but channels of healing. The healer is the owner of the body himself/herself.


A whole-body Reiki session has two parts, the  front and the back application.  (Photo by Virgilio Lichauco)

How did Reiki attunement affect me?  There was no dramatic result days or months after my attunement but I experienced that the universe supported me and my heart’s desires. The things I prayed and hoped for happened accordingly. Divine intervention, if you believe in it, intervened on time.


Photo by Virgilio Lichauco)

We are always under stress 24/7, from waking up to sleeping and waking up again. We are always looking for ways to reduce stress by taking a break. We shop, dine, dance, party, gamble, drink- do anything that will make us relax a bit. And we keep on searching.

At some point, I shelved Reiki. but knowing the impact it created in my life during the lowest point, Reiki is a part of me. It covers no religion at all. It is a universal life energy that we all possess. Anyone can channel Reiki with the proper attunement.


Me (left) as a volunteer with Kasey Conrad, organMe (left) as a volunteer with Kasey Conrad, organizer of Reaching Out With Reiki Middle East,  (right) receiving support.

Reiki is a natural energy approach to healing and complementary to medicine. It is Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing developed in 1922.

Though many are still skeptical, giving it a try is a win-win situation; always for your highest good.

Peace, Light, Love Healing!