WMD 2017 focuses on ships,ports and people connection


(Photo source: IMO.org)

(LONDON) –  The three major components of maritime sector are given much importance on this year’s celebration of the World Maritime Day which is formally observed every  September 28 at the International Maritime Organization  (IMO) headquarters.

The theme ​”Connecting Ships, Ports and People”  itself  implies the valuable interconnection of  the activities, location and manpower involved in one the world’s largest industry.

In his message, IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim  was quoted as saying, ” the aim of the 2017 theme is to build on the World Maritime Day theme for 2016, “Shipping: Indispensable to the World”, by focusing on helping IMO Member States to develop and implement maritime strategies to invest in a joined-up, interagency approach that addresses the whole range of issues, including the facilitation of maritime transport, and increasing efficiency, navigational safety, protection of the marine environment, and maritime security.”

(In photo from IMO.org, Secretary-General Kitack Lim)

As a United Nations’ agency, IMO adheres to achieve the United Nations’  (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)  to combat the present challenges of the world– increasing world population; climate change; threats to the environment; unsustainable exploitation of natural resources; threats to food security; societal threats posed by organized criminals and violent extremists; and instability to mixed migration.

IMO hopes that through this effort, more efficient shipping, working in partnership with a port sector supported by governments, will be a major driver towards global stability and sustainable development for the good of all people.”

“Throughout the year, IMO will highlight the importance of “joined-up” maritime developmend across all sectors, both from a policy and practical perspective. “The benefits of a free and efficient flow of goods and trade extend far beyond the ships and ports themselves and we will show how an effective interface between them can help improve the lives of people everywhere, specially in the context of Sustainable Development Goals, ” Kim said in a recorded video message.

He also emphasized the large and growing industrial sector called “blue economy” that must remain -safe, secure and not threaten the environment. Thus, to be sustainable, human activities and a more efficient shipping with the support of government-operated ports must be balanced in accordance with the capacity of the ocean to remain healthy and diverse.