Add color to your life by making it up.

Getting one of Beauty World Middle East 2016 freebies.


(May 18, 2016) DUBAI- Some women like me are not fond of make-up. I find it very tedious and eats up time for those who are always in a rush.  But I do believe that a dab of powder on your face, a little color on your lips and cheeks plus a lining on your eyes makes a woman glow.

Yes,  I mean GLOW, that personal shine exuding confidence being neat and extra-ordinary pretty.  Cosmetics or make-up is not meant to hide the flaws of the skin but to highlight the best in one’s facial features. I still commit to simplicity in the application of cosmetics.


I remember my mom telling me not to use cosmetics at a young age because it will cause irritation on the skin and will lead to premature aging.  And so I apply make-up on special occasions only, but in my wish-list, how I wanted to be a make-up artist too.


I got the chance to visit BeautyWorld  Middle East this year at the Dubai International Exhibition Center two days ago, and a few hours was not enough to see everything that was in there.

The exhibition data boosts of 22 country pavilions (Brazil, China, Egypt ,France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Italy, Korea, Morocco, Pakistan, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Tunisia, United Kingdom, United States, Bulgaria, Poland, with first-time exhibitors from Ukraine, Malta and Nigeria, with more than 1,500 exhibitors.

IMG_5286While roaming around with no idea on where to really go and what to really look for in terms of priorities,  I got wide-eyed at the sight of this make-up mirror with light bulbs. Those round light bulbs that remind me of beauty pageants and  fashion shows; that signifies stardom.


Without hesitation, I volunteered as a model for make-up demonstration. I wanted to have that Mideastern kind-of-look , or the Arabic make-up, the way the  Arab ladies do it. I have small, chinky eyes, so I want a bit of transformation of them into wide, deep-set eyes and see if these will fit me.


A palette of Note Mineral colors is so pleasing to look at. From foundation make-up to blushers, eye shadows and lipsticks, they are really an eye-candy; a rainbow connection to girls.

IMG_5292Amal, the make-up artist applied on me the everyday natural, fresh and youthful look. Note Cosmetics gives a natural color appearance to one’s looks. It prevents moisture loss and skin dryness with its Argan Oil content that moisturizes and protects skin from premature ageing.13237688_1753273181572973_7681060683352721476_n Altona Cosmetics Technology  (ACT) Group, with headquarters in Germany, is an important leading force in cosmetics market with its production facilities located in 3 different countries worldwide, with more than 2.600 employees and hundreds of selling points. Being one of the sub-companies of ACT Group, Stern Tek Cosmetics created the NOTE brand adding a production facility in Turkey  while most their other facilities are located in Canada and Persia.