A daughter’s cry for mom battling cancer

(September 20, 2016) DUBAI- Jerie Lee Bueno boarded a plane three weeks ago from Manila to Dubai with  a heavily stomping heart unsure of what lies ahead when she arrives here.

Her mother, Divinia is confined at the Dubai Hospital due to complications from Stage 4 breast cancer. For two months, Divinia was hoping to be home in Laguna, the Philippines, to see her mother and children but her conditions worsened before her travel documents and clearances were granted.

Now, she is roughly battling with her illness relying on ventilators and blood transfusions. She complains about pain and difficulty in breathing. She has fluids in her lungs and the doctors said the cancer cells have metastasized to her brain and all over her bones and lungs.


(Supplied photo: Divinia now confined at the Dubai Hospital)

Jerie Lee was unaware of what is happening. She never thought of her mom’s conditions as she was assured that everything is okay although she knew about the mastectomy that happened a year ago. Her mom simply never wanted her to worry .

The only information she had was when her mother told her that about the cysts in 2014 that turned out to be cancerous and after the operation, she never got the chance to undergo chemotherapy due to lack of money and residency status.

(From Divinia’s Facebook Page  during her healthier years and initial operation in 2014)

In January this year, she was not able to walk and became bedridden. She was admitted to the hospital through an emergency call and was given radiation.  However, no charity benefits were available for her due to lack of the necessary legal documents. Friends, relatives, and fellowmen shared a few amount in support of her medication.

Divinia had no idea that her daughter will come to see her. With a faint voice and wide-opened eyes, she asked her,” Bakit nandito ka? (Why are you here?)”   The misty-eyed daughter could not anything but hug and kiss her.

She fully understands her mom’s condition. It is terminal. How she wanted her mom to be freed from pain and agony but she knows she is an innate tough fighter. She is hanging on.


(A screenshot of an appeal for support to Divinia during her present hospitalization Jerie Lee’s shared on her Facebook page . This was the time she learned of the worsening condition of her mother.)

Jerie Lee recalls her mom went abroad when she was 11 years old and her brother was 4 years old; when home when she graduated from high school at the age of 16, and four years after, during her graduation in college. Her mom became the breadwinner of the family when her father lost his job and must look after them while they were growing up.

She gave the best for her children’s education and that was her top goal, her daughter narrated. Despite her struggles in employment and illness, she did everything to provide for the needs of her family.

Now her daughter worries about not only the present but the future that seem bleak.  The hospital bills are accumulating and one of these days, she will bear on her shoulders the responsibilities of taking care of her brother who is still studying in college and her father who is retired from work.

Jerie Lee comes out of the public through this blog and hoping for other media  entities to provide a venue so she can  seek help to sustain her mother’s medical needs. “Hindi ko alam kung hanggang kailan kami dito sa Dubai makikipaglaban. Pangalawang confine na ito n Mama. Lumapit na daw sila sa foundation dito sa Dubai,pero wala naman nagbigay ng financial assistance.. Sa ngayon po ayun yung need namin para sa kanya.Wala kme ipon pareho, naubos na dahil  sa naoperahan at naloko pa si Mama noon. (I don’t know how long  we will be here in Dubai, struggling. This is Mom’s second confinement. They have approached charity foundations here in Dubai but cannot extend her financial assistance (not qualified). Now, this is what we need for her. We do not have savings, all used up for her operation.)


(Supplied photo)

Donasyon, tulong financial, o.kht limos pa yung term para lang maka sustain medical needs nya..hihingiin ko na po sa inyo…maextend lang po buhay nya para makasama p namin siya. (Donation, financial help, or call it al in other terms, just to sustain her medical needs, I will be asking from you, just to extend her life so she can be with us.).

Jerie Lee’s coming to Dubai at this point gave her the opportunity to see her mom after 9 years of missing her. For three weeks now, she is at her mom’s bedside uncertain of time and consequences.)

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