Young Pinay artist blooming in Dubai

(August 20, 2016) DUBAI- She was heard humming by her dad  at the age of two. That was the first sign a talent was born. Her first public singing appearance was at age five when she started schooling .She still remembers the song  -“Reflection,” a theme song of Disney cartoon film, Mulan.


(Photo by Virgilio Lichauco)

Trixia Galledo, now 11 years old, has paved her solo singing career in the past years by performing at school programs, on private occasions, guesting on public events and local celebrations organized by the Philippine Consulate Office and  private companies held in the United Arab Emirates; either solo or being a member then of young girls band named Gravity.

She attributes her talent to her mom Odessa, who put her to sleep by singing a  lullaby  but her daddy Rodolfo is the main coach. Watching cartoons and listening to nursery rhymes during her infant years also influenced her.

Her kind of music ranges from R & B, Pop Rock, Rap, “except Country” she said with a shy, innocent smile. She admits dancing but a bit, and that she can play the ukelele and piano. Her favorite singer: American singer /songwriter Melanie Martinez who competed at The Voice and Arianna Grande, whose songs hit the US Billboard and music award -giving bodies.2

(Photo by Virgilio Lichauco)

Five years from now, she envisions ” inspiring others by her talent and performing on international stage.” She also dreams of doing stage musical plays. Her inspiration to succeed is a quote from a movie- “…when you have a path that might scare you, take the risk.. you never know what’s going to happen..” To her peer group, she would like to share what she learned; that is, “to do what they love and to do it as an experience and exposure.””

“Trixia is humble. down to earth and practical,” says her mom. “During concerts or gigs that happen mostly on weekends, she balances her time for studying, practicing  and resting. Her schedule until December is full.”


(Souvenir group photo with Mrs. Dessa Galedo (left) and daughter Trixia Galedo.)

A mother’s advice to the parents, ” motivate and accompany your child towards the passion and talents and give full support. ” You don’t know what comes next.”


(Photo by Virgilio Lichauco)

Trixia is presently performing in duet with Josh Labing-isa, also a young Filipino talent. Their latest show together was held mid-August at the Holiday Inn Hotel as guest performers at Darcmatter, an adult band’s first concert in Dubai. Watch out  for the announcement of a major concert of the two budding artists.


(Photo by Virgilio Lichauco)



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