​In a struggle for her homecoming

DUBAI- She is sick, bedridden,in pain and  physically weak but her spirit is strong in her battle against breast cancer that metastasized to her bones.IMG_5857

(This photo was taken by the writer a week before Divina Sales was rushed to the hospital. She was bedridden for four months. )

Fifty-year-old Divinia Sales was diagnosed with cancer in 2014; had an operation in 2015 but had not received chemotherapy up to present not only due to financial reasons but residency  and credit issues that made her reluctant to seek medical treatment.

In January 2016, she suddenly became immobilized due to pain in her right hip and remained in bed at present. Her worries on availing medical attention heightened that she was no longer interested to be hospitalized.

For four months of enduring pain and vomiting during food intake, she was rushed to the hospital via an ambulance due to difficulty in breathing and her debilitating physical condition. Finally, she got the necessary treatment she was afraid of.

(At the Gulf Cancer Center in Abu Dhabi for her 5 cycle-radiotherapy, with her sister accompanying her. Photo by Lapis Mia)

She was very well taken care of at the Dubai Hospital for almost two months and her condition ameliorated. Her hip improved as well as her kidney and lungs. The hospital was generous to offer other needed treatments but she wanted to go home. Home to the Philippines to be with her family she had not seen for a decade.

Her struggle is not against cancer alone but for her repatriation. She should travel while her physical condition permits her to be in air flight for more than 9 nine hours on a stretcher; without an oxygen tank supporting her as much as possible.

With fervent prayer, her family, friends, colleagues, and fellowmen are hoping for her immediate travel clearance and repatriation process. Efforts are being done by fellowmen to provide her financial assistance too.

(Left: From POLO-OWWA, Tess Bautista visits the cancer patient to know more about her status and how to help her in her request to go back to the Philippines. Photo by Mabieh Amirah Bangsoy)

( Volunteer Bridget Lloren provides initial  physiotherapy to Divinia, days after she was discharged from the hospital. Photo by Lapis Mia)


Luzan Express Cargo reaches out to a cancer patient

(July 26,2015) DUBAI –  When help is needed, we call on family,friends, colleagues and the public for support. We blast the social media, email addresses, and mobile phones with text messages and call out for an appeal.

As the awareness campaign about Filipinos in Dubai battling with cancer continues, various pleas, updates, and efforts are exerted by the Kabayan Cancer Warriors, a group of volunteers advocating support to fellowmen with cancer.

Luzan Cargo Express, a fast-expandingcompany in the United Arab Emirates did not hesitate to offer support to one  kabayan, Divina Sales, 50 years old,who has metastatic Stage 4 breast cancer.

(Photo source: Luzan Express Cargo Facebook page)

The management offered complimentary  cargo shipment of the patient’s belongings back to her hometown as she is planning to go back to the Philippines. It was an unexpected gesture but  truly heartwarming.

The owner keeps away from publicity but hears the call for charity.  Luzan Cargo Express values its commercial business alongside with public service reflected on their previous efforts during calamities in the Philippines.

(Photo source: Luzan Express Cargo Facebook page)

edited picasa

(Standing Right to Left: Media practitioners and endorsers Ed Ybanez and Junie Sorsano visit the patient and offered the complimentary cargo shipment. Photo by Lapis Mia)